How do I create an account?
You can create an influencer account at Toadys.com website by selecting Register - Influencer. You can also create an account on your Android or iOS device by installing the Toadys app and clicking "Sign up as an influencer" on the Sign In screen. You only need to create your Influencer Account one time as Toadys.com is connected to both the Toadys IOS & Android App. Use your same ‘Sign In’ info on any platform.
How do I set my rates?
You can set your rates on the “Toadys” app on your iOS or Android device by going to "My Profile" in the main menu and then clicking "Edit Profile". You set your rates “for” the number of Gold you want to earn for each communication type. Each Gold is worth ($0.20 US). You can set your (own) rate for each minute of a video call, each join of a live feed, and for each text that a toady sends you. If you want to earn $1 for each minute of a video call, you would set your rate to 5 Tokens per minute. (Keep in mind, you can change your rate at any time, based on your needs.) You can also set your rates by logging in to Your profile on Toadys.com as the Toadys app is linked to Toadys.com so wherever you login/Sign In to your profile, it will reflect your changes.
How do I get paid?
Once your Influencer account has over 125 tokens received in it, you will be paid out via Paypal at the end of the month. In order to be paid, your account must have 125 tokens and you must have added your Paypal account details. You can submit your payout settings by logging into your Influencer account at Toadys.com or on the Android app. If you are located in the USA, you must also submit your Social Security or Tax ID number. If your payouts are higher than $600USD in a calendar year, you will receive a 1099 form to file your taxes.
Will I receive a 1099?
If your total Gold/Token payouts reach $600USD in a calendar year, you will receive a 1099 form in January of the following year. If you are located within the USA, you must submit your SSN or EIN along with your Paypal payout information. You can add or update your payout info at any time by logging into Toadys.com or on the Toadys Android app.
How do I create an account?
You can create an account on Toadys.com by clicking on Register - User or on the “Toadys” iOS or Android app by clicking on "Sign Up”.
How do I receive video calls?
Once you are logged into the Toadys app on iOS or Android, select "My Profile" from the menu. Click 'Edit Profile' and scroll down to set your rates for each (method of communication). Once your per minute Video Call rate is set, you are ready to receive video calls. To set your Video Call availability, from the main menu click on the icon on the top right that looks like a video camera. When the video camera icon is highlighted green, your profile is available to receive video calls. When you no longer wish to receive calls, click on the icon again and it will turn white displaying that you are not available for video calls. (Your toadys who have your Notifications turned on will receive a notification on their phones alerting them the moment you go available to receive Video Calls. So be ready to answer your callers. Make sure you remind your toadys to hit that Notification bell so they don’t miss any time you are available to connect with them.
How do I start a live feed?
Once you are logged into the Toadys app on iOS or Android, select "My Profile" from the menu. Click 'Edit Profile' and scroll down to set your rates for each communication method. Once your rate for each Live Feed join is set, you are ready to start streaming. Click on "Live Feed" from the main menu to begin the live feed. Your Toadys will receive a cell phone notification on their phones that you are streaming and will be able to join. You will receive your Live Feed rate for each toady that joins your live feed. (Make sure you remind your toadys to hit that Notification bell so they don’t miss any time you are available to connect with them.)
How long do I have to reply to a text from a toady?
In a perfect world, all influencers would reply to every single text from their toadys within 2 to 10 minutes. However, we know that isn't always possible. Make sure you are actually available when you say you will be, and be sure to keep a close eye on your incoming text. If you will not be able to answer a text message from a toady, make sure you turn off your texting by clicking on the green text icon in the main menu. Remember, we want to keep your toadys happy and coming back. We expect all texts to be answered within 24 hours or else the toady can ask for their tokens back. Don't leave money on the table.
How do I link my social media pages to my Toadys profile?
For Youtube - you have to view your channel and copy the channel name that is in the URL after /channel/. For other social media platforms, enter your username. More info on how to link your YouTube Channel from the app: From the YouTube app Click on your channel icon, Click "my channel" Click the three horizontal dots in the right corner. Click share, Click "copy link". Paste the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-9bH7RsbHL0MW4stSqlfpQ then Remove everything before channel/ including “channel”. Just leave your channel name UC-9bH7RsbHL0MW4stSqlfpQ
How do I receive Text messages from my toadys?
When you are available to receive and answer text messages, click on the cell phone icon in the menu list of the app. When the icon is green, your profile will show as available to receive texts from your toadys. Once you set yourself available for texting, make sure you set aside time to reply to all your incoming text. You want keep your toadys happy & give them the attention.
How will my toadys know when i'm available for texting, video calls, or on a live feed?
When you post on your other social media platforms, let your toadys know when you will be available to connect directly with them on the Toadys app. Remember, you are your own best marketer. Remind your toadys to hit the Toadys app Notification Bell so they receive a notification on their phones alerting them the moment you go available to receive Texts & Video Calls from them & when you start a Live Feed. Once you go available, be ready to answer your text & calls. You don’t want to disappoint your toadys. Make sure you remind your toadys to hit that Notification bell so they don’t miss any time you are available to connect with them.
How long do my live feeds have to be?
You can determine the length of your live feeds, but please keep in mind that if any toady joins a live feed that ends within 60 seconds, they can request a refund. You can see when a new toady joins a live feed, so keep watch on your video for joins when you are getting close to ending finishing your stream. Also, be sure to set the price of your live feed join rate to a fair amount for the length of time that you are planning on streaming. For example, if you are setting the live feed rate at 20 tokens to join, and then end the feed in 3 minutes, it will be at the discretion of Toadys.com regarding any refund requests from your toadys.
What if I feel bad about charging my fans?
You’re providing your fans with the undivided attention they want from You. Your Toadys/fans know & love you, it’s time to take the next step & connect directly with them while monetizing your Comments & DMs.
What type of Influencers/Creators are you looking to have on Toadys?
We’re always looking for great talent that wants to better engage with their loyal fan base in a personalized way, while creating memorable moments for their fans.
Where can I see whose call I missed?
Make sure you check “Missed Calls” located on your History page. If you have a missed call from a fan who has already initiated contact through text, you should shoot them a quick “hello, sorry I missed your call” text, to let them know you care. Remember to ONLY leave on your text & Video Call availability when you are actually available to reply to text & answer calls. You want to keep your fans Happy.
How do I purchase tokens?
You can purchase tokens on Toadys.com by logging into your account and clicking "buy Tokens". You can also purchase tokens on the Android app. Purchases on the Android App and the Toadys.com webpage are made through Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to make a purchase, you can either log into your current Paypal account or select to make your purchase using a credit card without logging into a Paypal account. An alternative purchase option is available on the iOS app to purchase tokens through your iTunes account. Since all three payment options are through third-parties, Toadys.com never has access to your payment information, including your credit card number or address.
What if i'm not happy with my communication with an influencer?
If you are unhappy with your communication with an influencer, please email support@toadys.com immediately with all of the information from your experience.
How do I use a gift card code?
If you received a gift card code via email or as a gift, you can log into your account at Toadys.com and click on "Gift Card" and enter the code. You can also select "my pocket" from the Android app menu and then click on "Gift Card" to add your gift card tokens on the Android app. iOS users must add gift card codes by logging into the Toadys.com webpage. If you do not have an account yet, you can create your account at Toadys.com or on the iOS or Android app. Once your account is created, you can log into your account at Toadys.com to add your gift card code.
What is 'Share and get $50'?
Click on 'Share and get $50' on the main menu and receive links to share the Toadys app with your friends on social media. When you share the Toadys app from the menu link, it includes a referral code. When your friends download the iOS or Android app and create their account and enter your referral code, you will receive $5 for each friend that uses your code.
How do I know when my favorite influencers are available for texts, calls or is hosting a live stream?
Click on the influencers profile that you want to get notifications for. On the profile, click the bell icon in the top right corner. Once clicked, the bell icon will turn green. When the icon is green, you will receive notifications on your phone when the influencer becomes available to receive texts, video calls or starts a live feed so you can join and watch.
What if I don't get a reply to my text?
If you text an influencer, we ask that you give them 48 hours to reply to your text before contacting Toadys support. If you have not received a text reply after 48 hours, please contact support@toadys.com and we will delete the text message to the influencer and return your token to your wallet balance.
How many Toadys can join a live feed?
At this present time Influencers holding a Live Feed on the Toadys app will be Exclusive for the first 50 Toadys who join... so keep those notifications on!
What if I join a live feed late? Will I be charged the full join amount?
Since we are unable to know when an influencer will end a live feed, you will always be charged the join fee. If you join, and then leave or lose your connection during the live feed, you can rejoin the live feed without repaying the join fee. If you join the live feed and then the feed ends within 60 seconds, you can email support@toadys.com for a refund of your join fee.